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Capitotal Finanzberater WordPress Website

Die Capitotal Finanzberater WordPress Website eignet sich für alle Finanzberater. Das Design basiert auf dem Content Management System WordPress und beinhaltet das Responsive Design. Dadurch wird Ihre Website für Mobilgeräte optimiert und unverzerrt dargestellt.

Überzeuge dich von der Demoversion der WordPress Website:

Theme Options Manager

Header Options

Change Header


Post/Content Options

Number of Featured Posts

Number of Columns

Show/Hide Breadcrumbs on Site/Post

Show/Hide Footer


Footer Options

Footer Designed By Font Size

Footer Designed By Text

Footer Designed By Link Font Size

Footer Designed By Link

Footer Designed By Link URL


Color Options

Footer Designed By Color

Footer Designed By Link Color

Block Heading Color

Page/Post Title Normal Color

Post Title Hover Color


Error Page Options

Heading For Error Message Change Text For Error Message

Content For Error Message Change text For Error Message

Enable Content

Enable Search

Content Image Choose Error Image

Enable Image In Content

Content Image Height Height Of The Error Image

Content Image Width Width of The Error Image

Redirect To Home Page(If Error Page Occurs)

General Options

Enable Theme Bootstrap Javascipt

Enable Google Analytics

Custom CSS

Display All Page Titles

Display All Post Titles

Display Navigation above the posts

Display Navigation below the posts

Display Older/Newer Posts Link above the posts

Display Older/Newer Posts Link below the posts

Display Post Navigation

Display Post Category

Display Previous/next Posts Link

Display Pagination Link Of Post Pages above the posts

Display Pagination Link Of Post Pages below the posts

Display Comments are closed

Display Comments List

Display Comments Form

Show Comments list

Avatar Size

Display Back To Top Button

Choose icon for Back To Top Button

Read More Text Change Text For Read More Link

Display Button For Read More

Read more on all posts

Word Count After how many words you need read more

Display Search Icon In Search Widget

Favicon Image

Maintenance Options

Enable Maintenance Mode

Title for Maintenance Mode Page Set the Title

Content for Maintenance Mode Page

Background Image for Maintenance Mode Select Image for Maintenance Mode Page

Google Map Options

Choose the type of Google Map (Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain)

Set Latitude, Longitude, Width of Map, Height of Map

Display Marker

Set Marker Label (This is my location)

Set Google API Key

Backup/Recovery Mode

Export/Import Theme


above the Menu (4 Columns)

under the Menu (4 Columns)

above the Header (4 Columns)

under the Header (4 Columns)

above the Footer (4 Columns)

under the Footer (4 Columns)


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